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How to use polymer materials to ensure the safety of power cabinets?
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How to use polymer materials to ensure the safety of power cabinets?

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How to use polymer materials to ensure the safety of power cabinets?

How to use polymer materials to ensure the safety of power cabinets?

Electricity is related to a country's economy and people's livelihood, and also affects the development of science and technology. Therefore, ensuring the safety and stability of electricity demand and transmission is one of the important tasks of the State Electricity Administration and power protection workers . The local power grid attaches great importance to this area. In the development of the power industry, traditional methods such as fireproof glue /electrical tape have been unable to protect the power box well to achieve safety. With the continuous improvement of the performance of polymer materials, it has also passed continuous experiments. , and now the polymer moisture-proof plugging agent material meets the national grid power adoption standards.


Introduction of polymer anti-condensation plugging materials  :

The polymer leak-proof plugging materials are divided into A material and B material, which are packaged according to a certain proportion. When using, pour the two materials together, stir and mix them evenly and seal them at the bottom of the cleaned cabinet . The leak-proof plugging material is used for plugging the holes in the bottom plate , interlayer and wall penetration of cables in the electric power, electrical , chemical, construction and other industries , and constructing fire resistance walls in cable trenches. The polymer leak-proof plugging material has moisture-proof properties , fire resistance , oil resistance , corrosion resistance and other properties, easy to use and effective for a long time, long-term use can play the role of fire prevention and moisture resistance . After curing and molding, a fire barrier with a certain thickness and strength is formed to achieve fire resistance, heat insulation, smoke insulation, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and other protection functions . The flame retardant performance reaches UL94V-0 grade flame retardant.


Introduction to the use of polymer anti-condensation plugging materials :

1. Clean up the area to be operated , trim various lines, surface dirt , etc.

2. Fix the various lines that have been trimmed before and make relevant marks .

3. Seal the gaps between cables , lines and the bottom of the cabinet with fireproof mud and aluminum foil tape .

4. Mix the plugging material evenly on site and pour it into the target area. After leveling and curing, the on-site application can be completed.


Features of polymer moisture-proof sealing material:

1. The operation is simple and can be completed by a single person without the help of tools such as water, electricity and fire;

2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti- vibration , small animal entry, insulation, flame retardant, fireproof , high and low temperature resistance

3. After mixing, the rubber compound has good fluidity, can be rapidly formed, and improve work efficiency ;

4. Environmentally friendly materials, good corrosion resistance and weather resistance , long service life and easy maintenance ;

5. After curing and molding , it has the characteristics of no cracking , no deformation, no corrosion and so on .

Polymer moisture-proof sealing material packaging:

2.2KG group: A: 2KG+B: 0.2KG (carton packaging)

5.5KG group: A: 5KG +B: 0.5KG (carton packaging)

22KG group: A: 20KG+B: 2KG



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