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How to use polymer materials to ensure the safety of power cabinets?
Shenzhen Hongyejie Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed a moisture-proof plugging agent that can support live work. This moisture-proof plugging agent is applied to the polymer technology. It is formulated with highly active chemical substances, with low viscosity, good fluidity and easy penetration. , Fire retardant, resistant to natural temperature freeze-thaw cycles, and can prevent small animals and moist air moisture from penetrating into the cable trench. The key is that it can support live work, just spray directly on the work surface, which is convenient and quick.
Electronics and machinery industry
Silicone has excellent bonding, sealing, fixing, moisture-proof, shock-proof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, aging-resistant, weather-resistant and electrical insulation properties for electronic products. And it can firmly bond silicone products to metal, glass, plastic, wood, aluminum plate, etc. After curing, it becomes a tough elastic silicone rubber.
Auto Supplies Industry
At present, silicone rubber seals and gaskets have been widely used in drive shafts, embedded covers, oil pans, cooler water caps, headlights, sliding roofs, openable roofs, muffler joint seals, high, low temperature, and weather resistance connections. Plug-ins and ventilation meters; silicone rubber protective sleeves are mainly used for spark plugs, distributors, ignition coils, ...
Baby Products Industry
As a new type of material used in pacifiers, feeding bottles, water cups, toothbrushes, and even spoons, its wide application and the gimmicks that various businesses are keen to advertise, the seemingly unfamiliar name of food-grade silica gel has also become It appeared frequently in baby products, and everyone began to pay attention to it gradually.
Medical application industry
With the progress and development of modern science and technology, silica gel has been widely used in medicine. Silica gel has good biocompatibility, no irritation to human tissue, no toxicity, no allergic reaction, and very little body rejection reaction; Good physical and chemical properties, can maintain its original elastic properties during contact with body fluids and tissues...
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