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Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent
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Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent

Polymer moisture-proof blocking agent is specially used for distribution network outdoor ring network cabinet, box-type transformer, cable branch box, distribution network control cabinet and substation outdoor terminal box, mechanism operation box, electric knife gate box, high and low voltage switch cabinet, The new environmentally friendly moisture-proof sealant for the HSBC unit cabinet has the characteristics of low viscosity, good fluidity, and easy penetration. It can effectively prevent small animals from entering the closed cabinet from the ground, thereby reducing potential safety hazards; Moist air in the cable interlayer or channel penetrates into the cabinet, providing a solid protective barrier for the production and operation equipment.
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Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent - product introduction

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        The polymer moisture-proof plugging agent applies the polymer organic silicon polymer mixing technology, and adopts the high-performance chemical formula to form a sufficient seal on the bottom gap of the electrical equipment; it can withstand natural temperature freeze-thaw cycles and various harsh environments, and has the characteristics of no deformation, It has the characteristics of no deterioration and no cracking; it can be tightly bonded with various metal materials and cable sheath materials , and does not produce adverse chemical reactions; and can be maintained and blocked again after secondary opening, which is an essential artifact for electrical equipment safety protection .


Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent - product features

National high-tech enterprise | Standardized production | One-stop overall solution provider

Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent - on-site construction

National high-tech enterprise | Standardized production | One-stop overall solution provider

Component ratio: two-in-one polymer material with high active chemical substances, organosilicon compound. For a and b two components, a and b = 10:1 weight ratio.

Stir well: a and b are stirred and mixed for about 2-3 minutes, whichever is uniform.

Pour into the cabinet: After the plugging agent is mixed, it still has good fluidity within the operating time range, and automatically flows into the target area without troweling, and the construction is simple. It can quickly and easily flow through complex through-pipes or cables and other cabinets, fill irregular surfaces, and finally form a solid shape.

Curing performance: The plugging agent has an operating time of about 20 minutes after it is evenly stirred. After themixed solution is dry, it can be applied on site. Itcan form a solid closed-cell matrix in 1-2 hours.

Chemical resistance: It can prevent chemical corrosion of gasoline, petroleum, dilute acid and alkali, substrate and most unsaturated hydrocarbons.

Re-repair: For new cables or secondary construction, a woodworking knife can be used to open the hole for construction. After completion, pour some moisture-proof sealing agent into the opening to seal the area. After the new cable or pipe is installed, the area can be resealed with some additional moisture-proof sealant, which is easy to repair.

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Polymer moisture-proof plugging agent
Polymer plugging agent
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