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Bioplasticized specimen silicone rubber
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Bioplasticized specimen silicone rubber

The advantages of liquid silicone solid-state molding for bioplasticized specimens compared with the original method: Due to the preservation of biological specimens, it is mainly soaked in formaldehyde, that is, formalin. Due to the smell, it is detrimental to the health of the users, and it is also difficult to observe special subtle places.
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Basic introduction of silicone rubber liquid transparent 107 room temperature vulcanizate for biological plasticized specimens

 This product is non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive, and can be converted into elastomer silicone rubber at room temperature by adding an appropriate amount of initiator and cross-linking agent . It is widely used as sealing material or insulating material for electronic components, moisture-proof, shock-proof, high-temperature-resistant potting and sealing material for instruments and meters, and can also be used as a soft mold for plastic and low-melting metal forming.

Performance characteristics of silicone rubber liquid transparent 107 room temperature vulcanizate for biological plasticized specimens

Bioplasticized specimen silicone rubber liquid transparent 107 room temperature vulcanizate

Appearance: colorless transparent flowing liquid

    Volatile matter: 150 ,3h,% 2.0

    Viscosity: 25 mPa.s 800-100000,

Note: If the viscosity range you need is different from the above, our company can customize it for you.


Bioplasticized specimen silicone rubber liquid transparent 107 room temperature vulcanizate technical parameters :


   Adding cross-linking agent and catalyst, it can be cured at room temperature, can maintain elasticity for a long time in the temperature range of -60℃-200℃, has excellent electrical properties and chemical stability, and is resistant to water, ozone, weather and aging.

Add 1-5% catalyst and 5-8% crosslinking agent to 107 room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber , and stir evenly;

    If there is no air bubbles in the product, it should be decompressed and defoamed;

    Generally at room temperature, the surface is not sticky for two hours, and the film can be released after 10-12 hours. However, to obtain higher molding quality, the casting compound in the mold should be placed at room temperature for 2-3 days and then released from the mold.

    * The curing time is changed by the temperature, humidity, the amount of cross-linking agent and curing agent added. Before use, a small sample simulation test should be done to adjust the formula;

When using this product as an adhesive, the surface of the material to be adhered needs to be cleaned, remove the oil stains with a solvent, apply a surface treatment agent after drying, and then apply this product.

Immersion molding of biological specimens
Bioplasticized specimens
bioplasticized materials
immersed biological specimens silicone materials
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