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Environmentally friendly silicone insole
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Environmentally friendly silicone insole

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Product description: The environmentally friendly insole silicone is a two-component addition type liquid silicone, which is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic organic silicone material and refined by advanced technology. Both components A and B are flowable liquids, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, highly transparent, with good fluidity, easy operation, long service life, acid and alkali resistance, etc. After mixing the two components, they can be quickly cured at room temperature or heated forming.

Main uses:  Environmentally friendly insole silicone is mainly used for medical foot massage shoes, massage heightening insoles, bathroom non-slip massage pads, massage walking blankets, etc. It is also widely used in medical supplies, diving goggles, silicone kitchen utensils, baby supplies, pacifiers , silicone mobile phone sets and other daily necessities.

1. Application characteristics of environmentally friendly insole silicone:

The environmentally friendly silicone insole is made of high-quality transparent liquid silicone material. The appearance color is variable and it   is jelly-like . It   has a very significant soft and comfortable, shock absorption and cushioning effect, which can effectively eliminate or alleviate heel pain and relieve heel fatigue. , specially developed to evenly absorb the impact of the entire sole of the foot.  


Second, the performance characteristics of insole silicone

1. Food grade, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, no peculiar smell.

2. High transparency, easy molding and good resilience.

3. Good resistance to high and low temperature operation and long service life.

4. Low linear shrinkage and simple operation.

5. Not limited by the thickness of the product, it can be deeply vulcanized.


The technical indicators of the insole silicone are as follows:

Before vulcanization


Viscous liquid of various colors

Viscosity (mPa.s)


Vulcanization conditions


After vulcanization

Appearance (gloss and three-dimensional effect)

it is good

Hardness (HS)



Third, the operation of environmentally friendly insole silicone

1. Weigh equal amounts of glue A and B , mix them evenly according to the proportion of 1:1 , and vacuumize them.

2. Pour the vacuumed silica gel directly into the molding insole mold, wait for 2-3 hours, and then take out the silica gel after curing and molding for the next step.


Fourth, the use of environmentally friendly insole silicone

Shelf life: 12 months at room temperature of 25 ℃, without opening the package

Packaging Specifications This product is packaged in iron drums, with 25kg and 200kg specifications.

This product is stored at room temperature, in a dry bath and in an airtight container, do not contact with water to prevent deterioration.

Avoid touching the condensed silicone rubber vulcanizing agent during operation. There are also amines, compounds containing sulfur, phosphorus and some metal salts that may cause the compound to not cure.


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