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Clothing trademark silicone

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Apparel trademark silicone application: used for the trademark of jeans, shoes and toy products.
Clothing trademark silicone description: The series of products can be used to make trademarks alone, and can be used to press cloth and leather to make trademarks. HY-4130, HY-4135 , HY-4220 , HY-4235 and HY-4240 are all liquid addition type silica gels, and the amount of vulcanizing agent is 10%. The vulcanizing agent is a platinum complex, a two-component high-strength liquid silicone rubber that is catalyzed and cured. It consists of basic compounds, cross-linking agents, catalysts, fillers and additives. These materials do not contain heavy metals and aromatic hydrocarbon solvents. No toxic effect.

Typical curing conditions: 170℃×5mins. In actual use, the curing time can be appropriately extended or shortened depending on the thickness and size of the product.


Instructions for use: The proportions of HY-4130, HY-4135 , HY-4220 , HY-4235 and HY-4240 are 10:1. Before use, components A and B should be fully mixed in proportion. Vacuum defoaming treatment. >/span>


Note : This series of products should not be in contact with organic compounds such as N, P, S, ionic compounds such as Hg, Bi, As, as well as alkynes and vinyl compounds, so as not to poison the platinum catalyst and prevent it from curing, especially PVC. Because PVC contains lead , it will poison the catalyst. Some organic pigments can also cause slow curing or no curing . If it is used up within, otherwise it will slowly cross-link and solidify, resulting in failure. If the ambient temperature is high, more attention should be paid.

Trademark silicone details parameters:

Note: Typical data cannot be used directly in production, please contact our company for detailed instructions.


Packing: HY-966 standard packing is 5kg can and 20kg/drum and 200kg/drum.


Matters needing attention: This product is not easy to burn, and can withstand high temperature above 300 ℃. It is a safe and non-dangerous goods transportation.

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trademark glue
trademark silicone
Silica gel
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    Silicone gel can be used for filling, coating of electronic components, transparent and soft gaskets, etc.
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