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Tank filter seal tank glue
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Tank filter seal tank glue

Tank filter sealing Liquid tank glue is mainly used for potting and sealing of liquid tank filters, high efficiency filters, liquid tank air conditioner filters, liquid tank purification filters, etc.
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Product description

1. Product characteristics and application
HY9405# is a low-viscosity , viscous, gel-like transparent two-component addition type silicone potting compound. It can be cured at room temperature or by heating. The higher the temperature, the faster the curing. This product does not produce any by-products in the curing reaction, and can be applied to the surfaces of PC (Poly-carbonate) , PP , ABS , PVC and other materials and metals. Suitable for insulation, waterproofing and fixing of electronic accessories . Fully compliant with EU ROHS directive requirements.

2. Typical use 

-Slot type high efficiency filter

-Potting of electronic circuit boards, etc.


Third, the use of technology:

1.     Before mixing, firstly mix components A and B in their respective containers thoroughly.

2.     When mixing, the weight ratio of A component: B component = 1 : 1 should be observed .

3.  HY9405# can be defoamed as needed. The mixed solution A and B can be stirred evenly and put into a vacuum container, defoamed at 0.08MPa for 5 minutes , and it can be used for perfusion .

4.     The corresponding curing time should be maintained above the temperature given in the technical parameter table before and after curing. If the application thickness is thick, the curing time may exceed. Room temperature or heat curing is acceptable. The curing speed of the adhesive is affected by the curing temperature. It takes a long time to cure in winter. It is recommended to use heating to cure, 20 minutes at 80 ~ 100 , and about 8 hours at room temperature .


 The following substances may hinder the curing of this product, or cause uncured phenomena, so it is best to apply it after a simple experimental verification. If necessary, the application area needs to be cleaned.

..incompletely cured condensed silicone..amine - cured epoxy
resin..solder flux


4. Technical parameters before and after curing:


Component A

component B





colorless transparent fluid

black or blue

Viscosity ( cps )

600 ± 200

800 ± 200





A component: B component (weight ratio)

1 : 1

Viscosity after mixing ( cps )

600 to 1000 _ _

Operational time ( hr )


Curing time ( hr , room temperature )


Curing time ( min , 80 )





Hardness ( shore A )


Thermal conductivity  [ W ( m K ) ]

≥0.2 _

Dielectric Strength ( kV/mm )

≥2 5

Dielectric Constant ( 1.2MHz )

3.0 to 3.3

Volume resistivity ( Ω cm )

≥1.0×10 16

Coefficient of Linear Expansion [ m/ ( m K ) ]

≤2.2×10 -4

Flame retardant properties

94-V 1

The above performance data are measured at 25 , 55% relative humidity after curing for 1 day. The company is not responsible for different data caused by different test conditions or product improvement.


5. Matters needing attention :

1. The rubber material should be sealed and stored. The mixed rubber should be used up at one time to avoid waste.

2. This product is a non-dangerous product, but do not enter it or see it.

3. After storage for a period of time, the glue may be delaminated. Please stir well before use, it will not affect the performance.

4. HY9405# will not cure when the glue contacts the following chemicals :

1 ) Organotin compounds and silicone rubber containing organotin. 

2 ) Materials such as sulfur, sulfide and sulfur-containing rubber. 

3 ) Amine compounds and amine-containing materials. 

During use, please be careful to avoid contact with the above substances.

6. Packaging Specifications:

HY9405# : 20Kg / barrel  40kg 1 group

7. Storage and transportation:

1. The storage period of this product is 1 year ( below 25 ).

2. Such products are non-dangerous goods and can be transported as general chemicals.
3. Products beyond the shelf life should be checked for abnormalities before use.

tank filter tank glue
Liquid tank air conditioner filter sealant
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