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Cement sculpture mold silicone

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Basic description of cement sculpture mold silicone :

Cement sculpture mold silicone is a liquid mold glue, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber (silicone and silicone rubber are the same product), component A is a fluid liquid glue, component is a curing agent (vulcanizing agent), the two After mixing, it can be quickly formed, and after forming, it is a kind of elastic silicone elastomer. Therefore, elasticity is the basic property of mold silicone. The lower the hardness of the silicone, the greater the elasticity; the higher the hardness of the silicone, the smaller the elasticity. Therefore, according to the size of the product and the fineness of the pattern, the corresponding selection of mold silicone with more suitable elasticity is the basic identification ability of using mold silicone.


Application fields of cement sculpture mold silicone :

Cement sculpture mold silica gel , cement handicraft mold silica gel, suitable for the production of silica gel molds for large, medium and small products, mainly used for cultural stones, background walls, mosaics, sandstone products, sandstone sculptures, cement products, cement handicrafts, cement rockery, cement components, cement Mould making of sculptures and other products.


Performance characteristics of cement sculpture mold silicone :

1. It has the characteristics of no deformation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and no expansion.
2. Good weather resistance, many times of mold turning and low linear shrinkage.  
3. Good tensile force, good elasticity, high tear strength and long service life.

4. The curing speed and time at room temperature can be specially adjusted according to customer product requirements.

5. With better hydrolysis resistance, it is more suitable for making molds of various sizes and complex shapes and for the production of large sandstone molds, cement sculptures, stones and other molds.

The operation method and selection of silica gel for cement sculpture mold :

According to the different operation methods there are three kinds of mold opening methods: bag mold, brush mold (segment mold, three-dimensional mold, flat mold) and perfusion mold.


For cement products with a size of 10-20 cm, the markings are very precise and detailed. It is recommended to use low-hardness liquid silica gel for the filling operation.

For cement products with a size of 30-50 cm, the markings are precise and detailed, it is recommended to use 30-35 degrees of silica gel for brushing operation.

For cement products with a size of 30-50 cm, the spot is simple and the thickness is very thin. It is recommended to use 25-30 degrees of silica gel for the filling operation.


Cement products with a size of more than 60 cm, regardless of whether the markings are fine or not, generally use 40-50 degrees of silica gel for brushing operation; unless the thickness of the product is relatively thin, the filling operation can be used .



(Note: The company's products do not advocate adding silicone oil, special soft silicone molds or complex patterns and precision small, you can add 5%-10% silicone oil to adjust the softness of the silicone mold for demoulding.)


Hongye silica gel - cement products, cement sculpture handicraft mold glue HY-630 main technical performance parameters:


Remarks   The above parameters are only the parameters of this model HY-630, and the parameters of other models are not shown; if you have special requirements, please contact our company; after curing, the hardness, viscosity, and operating time can be specially adjusted and provided according to customer needs.


Cement sculpture mold silicone precautions :

1. The amount of curing agent should be determined according to the temperature, and it should be reduced if the temperature is high. If the curing agent is used too much, the silicone mold will become hard and brittle; if the curing agent is used too little, the operation time will be prolonged.

2. In order for your silicone mold to achieve the best use effect, please store the mold for at least 24 hours before use. 


If you have no previous experience in mold opening, you can also log in to our website to view detailed silicone mold opening video tutorials  .

If you encounter other problems that cannot be solved, you can contact our online service staff or send an email to  hyd@szrl.net


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